AWSAM stands for Active Water Sensing And Monitoring

It has been said that in the future the difference between technology and magic will be invisible to the user. We feel that that time is now when it comes to mitigating water damage in your home or building. The AWSAM system operates 24/7 in the background and only makes itself known when there is a potential water damage incident and if so, how its been addressed.

AWSAM System operation


AWSAM System components

TWS-AWS Prototype copy.png


Sensors are the eyes and ears of the AWSAM system and with 3 different sensor configurations we have your home or building covered. Our sensors have the longest wireless range on the market and can sense both water and temperature to ensure protection from mechanical failure and frozen pipes. For hard to reach areas such as risers, grey water drains, behind jacuzzis or just about any area you're concerned about water damage or mold. 


4G Control Panel

If the valve is the heart, then control panel is the brain of the system. The two frequencies ensure that the system is always operational. Even in the event of a power outage and loss of cellular connectivity, the control panel continues operation. With the ability to manage up to 64 sensors and 128 valves per control panel you can rest assured that your home or building will be covered. 

Vital Home Valve Controller png sm.png

VC100 Valve Controller

The VC100 Valve Controller is the critical element in the system to ensure your home or building is water damage free. Think of it as the heart of the system. Upon notification of a water or freezing incident, the VC100 turns off the water to the zone to prevent any further damage. The VC100 performs its own self-maintenance, can be managed remotely or manually, and has enough torque to handle most residential and commercial applications.


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Mobile and web applications

Your home or building's water is controlled from the palm of your hand. With our mobile and web applications you receive notifications of potential water damage incidents as well at the actions the system took to address the issues. Beyond notifications you can remotely turn on/ off your water, manage temperature sensing ranges, enable/ disable the auto-shutoff feature, and much more. Because our system runs on a cellular network there should be no fear of missing a message due to being away from home, losing wifi connection, or losing power.