Water is the #1 cause of commercial property damage,

but we monitor a lot more than water.

Commercial buildings: they look beautiful from the outside but can be exceptionally complex on the inside. This complexity makes it hard to be everywhere at once to ensure a small water issue doesn’t become a large scale damage incident. Water, sometimes traveling far from its source of a broken pipe or a faulty fitting, can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. In most states when there is a leak in a high-rise, the property owner where the leak originated is responsible to the surrounding units’ damage. Whether it is a small leak or a catastrophic one, water leaking into lower floors or nearby units can result in exponential increases in cost. Water damages will cost commercial landlords billions of dollars annually in structural, operational, reputation and financial losses each year. Vital Command can prevent the damage before it starts.


Causes of commercial water damage

Key features for commercial buildings

  • 24/7 monitoring and notifications.

  • Automatic water shut off to multiple zones

  • Early detection of water damage from heavy rainfall, flooding, snow melt, grey water backup, and human error.

  • Manage multiple units or properties from the same interface

  • Up to 6 engineering staff can manage system operation remotely via smartphone app

  • Greatest wireless range of any system on the market

  • Water and temperature monitoring

  • Probes for risers and other hard to reach areas

  • Notifications to key service providers of incidents so they can respond with the right tools and parts in real time

  • Battery backups on all components of the system



Key financial benefits for commercial buildings 

  • Many insurance carriers offer insurance discounts for installation of a water detection and shutoff system

  • No premium increases due to water damage claims

  • Low or no deductible payouts due to water damage incidents

  • Lower staffing costs associated with checking problem areas in buildings

Costs that may not be covered by your insurance carrier

  • Loss of revenue due to water damage incidents

  • Tenant relocation costs

  • Inventory replacement

  • Mold mitigation

  • Medical services to treat illness caused by mold

  • Lawsuits from tenants

  • Damage of irreplaceable items such as artwork, lost data, physical documents, etc.



Who is the system right for?

The highest number of commercial water damage claims come from:

  • Multi-tenant residences and high rises

  • Office buildings and commercial office space

  • Hotels

  • Retail establishments

Specific industries with high incidents of water damage:

  • Nursing homes

  • Churches

  • Dental and other medical offices

  • Hospitals

  • Research labs

  • Inventory storage


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