Innovation with meaningful value added

We build products to reduce the risk of commercial and residential building damage.

But the systems we build go beyond that - they take corrective measures. Vital Command is a leading innovator in the commercial and residential wireless automation market. Our systems have the most advanced design on the market to thwart damage and notify service teams to address in-building incidents. We develop products and services that have real utility to solve real problems such as water damage control for our customers and partners.

Our staff has over 20 years of experience in wireless hardware, software, and wireless networks operation. Our founder, Jim McLaughlin, participated in the first wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology development. He has worked to develop applications and services that have changed public safety, the insurance industry, wireless entertainment, and wireless hardware design. The wireless and automation market is quickly evolving. Sometimes those changes are significant such as the launch of the first iPhone or the first wireless security systems, sometimes they are subtle; nevertheless, the wireless market, which now includes the growing Internet of Things (IoT), continues to change quickly. To that end, Vital Command understands the need for accelerated innovation to match market dynamics and customers’ expectations. We solve real problems today, while we also look to solve what’s next for tomorrow.